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Fic and Art: The Still Point of the Turning World

Title: The Still Point of the Turning World
Author: quesera_fics
Artist: lynndyre
Rating: PG
Word Count: 28644
Type: AU
Characters/Pairings: Thor, Loki, Odin, Laufey, the Avengers
Warnings: none
Notes: Tremendous thanks to notyourshot, who stayed up with me while sick to work through rough spots and keep me from going crazy. You are amazing.
Summary: After an inglorious defeat at the hands of Asgard, Laufey seizes the opportunity for revenge and kidnaps Odin's only son. He does not, expect, however, for his own son to take such a liking to the young Thor - or for one touch of Loki's hands to turn Thor Jotun blue. The two grow together, reigning beloved and terrible in Jotunheim, until one day a delegation from Asgard arrives to tear everything apart. Now, to prevent war, Thor must leave everything he knows to join a people who mistrust and fear him, while Loki deals with rebellion without his brother at his side - a war that grows to threaten Midgard as well. Now three realms hang on the bond between two false brothers, who must decide how their realms will stand or fall.

Link to fic masterpost: DW | AO3
Link to art masterpost: LJ|DW
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