the inevitable massive dong (radioaches) wrote in avengers_bang,
the inevitable massive dong

fic: Before The Sun Starts To Burn

Title: Before The Sun Starts To Burn
Author: radioaches
Artist: greenteaduck
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 15,006
Type: AU
Pairings: Peggy/Natasha, Steve/Bucky
Notes: big thanks to sirona_gs for the beta!
Summary: In a town where corruption runs rife, there's no shortage of suspects when billionaire businessman Tony Stark discovers his latest weapon designs are missing. His assistant puts him in touch with Peggy Carter, who runs a detective agency with the help of her assistant Darcy. Using her contacts - two of the last good cops left in town, Steve Rogers and his partner Bucky Barnes, and the morally ambiguous Natasha and Clint, who can't decide which side of the law they fall on - Peggy has a new case to solve that might prove her most challenging yet.

Link to fic masterpost: here!
Link to art masterpost: here!
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