she of the squee and flaily hands (plingo_kat) wrote in avengers_bang,
she of the squee and flaily hands

a long parting (steve/tony, pg-13, ensemble)

Title: a long parting
Author: plingo_kat
Artist: espadas
Rating: pg-13
Word Count: 17,804
Type: slash, gen, adventure
Characters/Pairings: Steve/Tony, movie!avengers ensemble
Warnings: none
Summary: All of the Avengers lose the powers and skills they are famed for. Thor can no longer lift his hammer. Clint can't hit the broad side of a barn. Natasha pulls a muscle every time she so much as stretches. Steve is a skinny little thing again. Tony is no longer a genius. If you make Bruce angry the only thing he becomes is a ticked off science nerd. And to top things off, there's a new group of villains lurking around -- the mysterious Black Council.

(Or alternatively: In which everybody loses their powers, Tony goes a little bit crazy, Natalie: Super PA! makes a reappearance, Clint shows off his super ninja spy skills, Thor fucks off back to Asgard, Steve is a tactical genius, Coulson not-so-secretly loves terrible television shows, nobody should ever be allowed to name anything ever, and there is an evil magical cult.)

Link to fic masterpost: here on AO3
Link to art masterpost: here on lj

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