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posting instructions

We've made it to the end, now all that's left is for you to post the products of your labor! Here's how it works:

The posting schedule is up here. Everyone should be aware of their posting dates and communicate with their partners accordingly.

  • We want each author and artist to create a masterpost at their journal. For authors, this masterpost should include each part of their story as well as links back to big bang as well as to their artist's masterpost.
  • You can post your actual work to any archive you choose, but make sure you have everything linked.
  • Artists masterposts should include all of the pieces they've created for the challenge as well as links back to their author's work and the bang.
  • Author's you can include your artist's work in your actual fic post, but make sure you link back to them so they can receive comments of their own.
  • You will not be posting your actual works to this comm. only linking to your masterposts.
The subject line of your post should read Fic: Title

<b>Word Count:</b>

<b>Link to fic masterpost:</b>
<b>Link to art masterpost:</b>

It should look like this:

Word Count:
(AU, Fusion, etc)
(Noncon, underage, etc)

Link to fic master post:
Link to art masterpost:

You can add anything you like to your post (beta credit, author's notes, disclaimers, small headers etc etc.) but make sure you include the information above in it's original format.

When you are submitting, make sure you are using the HTML box, rather than the rich text box. Coding submitted in the rich text box will not post correctly. All entries to the comm are moderated, so if your post isn't formatted correctly it will be rejected and you'll have to do it again.

We're encouraging everyone to post their fics to AO3, as it makes it easy for readers to download your fic and the story can't be accidentally locked. If you are posting to AO3 please tag your story in the collection Avengers Big Bang.

If you'd like to post to AO3 but do not have an account, leave your email address below and you will receive an invitation from the archive. Comments are screened for your privacy.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, you can leave a comment, message a mod, or email us at avengersbigbang@live.com.

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