we love you jude law (athriax) wrote in avengers_bang,
we love you jude law

Posting Schedule

Here's the posting schedule for bb. Posting instructions will go up next. Sorry for the delay, the mods have had some technical difficulties.

May 5th
somehowunbroken & emmypenny
miss_music666 & revengedog

May 6th
audrey1nd & ponderosa
croik & made_of_tin

May 7th
paynesgrey & zephre

May 8th
ladydamondred & drowninglub
tormentedeyes & everythingshiny

May 9th
pada_something & elvira_was_here
wallhaditcoming & flitter_and_fly

May 10th
kahn & davincis_girl
mizzy2k & da_angel729

May 11th
plingo_kat & espadas
kellifer_fic & essouffle

May 12th
radioaches & greenteaduck
elenothar & anna_luna
quesera_fics & lynndyre

May 13th
lumediluna & borealisdawn
delicatale & sirona_gs & tgda

May 14th
shinysylver & meivocis
arysteia & realproof

May 15th
kiriana16 & stalkerbunny
emisolde & mmartianchild

May 16th
often_adamanta & avienica
emisolde & realproof

May 17th
the_me09 & pallorsomnium
accursedspatula & chezvous

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