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What is a big bang challenge?
Big bang challenges are collaborative efforts between artists and authors.  Authors sign up to write a story with in a certain predetermined time frame and artists sign up to create art for the works they produce. 

How can I participate?
There will be separate posts for both artists and authors on the day sign ups commence. A template will be provided which will then be used to comment with sign up information. 

What Avengers reality does this encompass? 
All of them. Stories can be written for any Marvel universe as long as the main focus is the Avengers. This includes Marvel 616, Marvel Ultimates, Marvel Movie!Verse etc. etc. Young Avengers may be included in larger stories, but we ask that if you wish to write a Young Avengerscentric story you do so here: [info]yabigbang

What genres do you accept? 
All of them. All pairings and genres are accepted, as long as the main focus is the Avengers. AUs, gen fic, and fusions are all welcome. Crossovers are accepted as long as the Avengers are the main fandom in the story. 

Is RPF acceptable? 

Do I need to join the community?
Yes! When you sign up please join the community ASAP as all important messages will be friendslocked.

I have a question.
Leave us a comment! We don't bite!


  • Work must be a minimum of 15,000 words.
  • There is no maximum word limit. 
  • It is not required that you use a prompt from the prompt post.
  • Story must be beta read.
  • In the event that you cannot find a beta, we will attempt to locate one for you.
  • Works may be co-written.
  • You may submit up to two works.


  • Art may submitted in any medium, i.e. photoshop, manips, drawings/paintings, videos,and fanmixes.
  • You must submit a minimum of two pieces for your chosen work. (If you have questions about sizing or would like to do one larger piece contact a mod.)
  • Pieces may be no smaller than 500 px by 500 px.
  • Any fanmix submitted must have a minimum of eight songs + one piece of cover art.
  • Any video submitted must be over 30 seconds in length.
  • Artists will be assigned to authors on a first come first serve basis when claims go up.


  • In the name of fair play, artists are discouraged from claiming posts/initiating interactions during sign ups.
  • No part of any work may be posted before your assigned posting date.
  • WIPs may be used as long as no part of them has been previously posted.
  • The posted work may be a sequel to a prior work.
  • You are not permitted to sign up as both an artist and an author. 
  • However authors may sign up to be pinch hitters.
  • Please warn for any triggering themes.


You will be required to submit a rough draft on the assigned date. It must at least 10,000 words long.  It is not required that your fic is complete by this time. You will still have until final due date to finish and have your fic beta  read. We require a rough draft as assurance that you will be able to finish your fic on deadline.

Save your fic as a .doc or .rtf then email it to avengersbigbang [at] live.com. You will receive a confirmation within 48 hours. 


There will be a 24 hour warning window before the claims post goes up. Claims will be run on a first come, first serve basis. Any work not claimed will be reposted in a second claims round. Only one claims post can be made per round. 


Under no circumstances may works be posted before their assigned due dates. When your due date is reached, you may post fic to A03 or Dreamwidth if you prefer, but each artist/author team must make a formatted masterpost to the community with links to their full works. 


You can message the mod anytime or send us an e-mail at avengersbigbang@live.com.


Why now, instead of when The Avengers is released?

The Avengers already have a wonderful, thriving comic book fandom. By hosting Round One now and posting as the film is released, we hope to provide reading material for those new to the fandom as well as enticing people  into participating is Round Two.

Do I have to use a prompt from the prompt post?

No, the prompt post is simply there as a captive inspiration pool for those who want to participate but are short on ideas. 

Do I have to include all of the Avengers?

No. We ask only that you include a minimum of two characters from any given Avengers continuity i.e. Movie!Verse Avengers, New Avengers, West Coast Avengers, Ultimates. 

If I'm writing in the movie!verse, do I have to use the Avengers or can I use a lead up i.e. Thor, Iron Man?

We are accepting plots that focus mainly on any of the movie pairings (thor/loki, tony/pepper, steve/peggy) but we ask that you at least try to included other members of the Avengers in some way. 

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