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author checkpoint #3 (mandatory)

We have reached our third and final checkpoint! This checkpoint is mandatory, so if you don't respond at some point in the next three days we will start send you threatening emails and camping out on your front lawn. This is not a rough drafts submission so there's no need to panic just yet. If you're having trouble at this point please feel free to visit the support post.

This checkpoint works a little differently than the others. This time you will be submitting your information directly to the mods via email at avengersbigbang@live.com. Please include the information below in your email.

Word Count:

If you are writing with a coauthor please designate who will submit your check in and make sure to include both of your usernames. If you are writing two stories please provide information for each.

If at this time you feel you will not be able to complete the challenge by May 1st, please message a mod or send us an email telling us you'd like to drop out.

Everyone else, please feel free to reacquaint yourselves with the schedule (don't forget some dates have changed) and good luck!

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