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support post!

Welcome to the Avengers Big Bang support post! This post will stay open throughout the challenge and serve as a place for authors and artists alike to post anything from ideas to issues in relation to big bang. If you have a question about comics canon, progression, art style, or any of the like, this is the place to ask your fellow participants for their opinions or reassurance. 

While you'll mostly have free rein here, there are a few rules you'll need to follow to insure a pleasant experience for all:
  • Foremost, do not post direct excerpts or screenshots of your writing or artwork. It's perfectly acceptable and encouraged to discuss anything in your work that's bothering you , but if you feel the need to walk through a direct issue, please enlist the help of a beta and keep your actual work private until posting begins.
  • Bullying of any kind will not be tolerated. No concern or idea is to be belittled or mocked by any party. We don't think any of you would do this, but remember to consider how what you say affects others. This is a support post, after all. 
  • No stealing someone else's ideas. Again, not that we think you would. We're just putting it out there because it has to be said. 
  • Warn for any discussion that might have triggering themes. The subject header is not a feature in the new lj comment system, so if you are going to start a discussion with triggering theme's please add a bolded sentence at the beginning of your comment detailing what those theme's might be. I.E. Trigger Warning: Noncon
  • Please refrain from forming any concrete partnerships. This is mostly for any artists wandering around before we get close to claims going up. We know it's hard to hang around and do nothing while you wait to make your claim. We know that you want to cheerlead and get a look at some prospective authors and that's awesome and encouraged, but please try not to form any attachments to specific authors. It's definitely okay to make merry with said authors, but we don't want to break any hearts if you don't get your first choice when claims go up.
Annnnd that's it! Be courteous and kind to one another, and most of all have fun and be helpful! If you have any concerns don't be afraid to PM a mod. We're always here and we don't bite. 
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