June 1st, 2012


Fic: The life and woes (Very very late, but hope still okay)

Title: The life and woes of Mister Anthony Edward Stark, Inventor Extraordinare
Word Count:~17 500
Type:Historical AU
Characters/Pairings:Tony/Steve, other members of Avengers universe, slight Erik/Charles from XMFC
Warnings:Characters deaths, blood, kidnapping, drug use, child abuse
Summary:The story in which there are robots who are not imaginary, a whole mass of steams and tumblers, and a lot of useless cravats. Alternatively this is a story in which Anthony Stark grows from wannabe mechanic into an inventor extraordinary, finds a group of friends along the way and is maybe a little miffed for this whole arranged marriage business.

Link to fic masterpost: http://kiriana16.livejournal.com/23510.html
Link to art masterpost: http://bunnyfication.livejournal.com/26300.html