May 7th, 2012


Fic: "The Flip Side"

Title: The Flip Side
Author: paynesgrey
Artist: zephre
Beta: psyco_chick32
Rating: R/M
Word Count: 23,665
Type: Het(mostly), Romance, Comedy, Adventure
Characters/Pairings: Darcy Lewis, Loki, Thor, Jane Foster, Clint Barton, Odin, ensemble || Darcy/Loki, Darcy/Clint, Clint/Loki, Jane/Thor
Notes/Spoilers: Avengers AU-compliant. There are no spoilers for the Avengers movie. Written for avengers_bang.
Warnings: gore, dubious consent, possession, manipulation, sexual situations

Summary: In punishment for his crimes, Odin destroys Loki's body to imprison his soul. After a narrow escape, Loki comes to Midgard and plans his revenge by taking over the body of Jane's assistant, Darcy Lewis. The girl who loves tasers, however, does not make things easy for him.

Link to story masterpost: [@ My Writing Journal]
Link to art masterpost: [HERE]