April 13th, 2012


artist checkpoint (mandatory)

This is the first and only artist checkpoint. It is mandatory. You will have until April 20th (one week from now) to respond. You don't have to send anything in for this one, just leave us a comment below.  Do not post your work, just fill out the form. If you are creating art for two stories make sure you include the names of each.

<b>Completed Percentage:</b>
<b>Type:</b>(drawing, famix, vid etc)
<b>Things You Feel Good About?:</b>
<b>Things You're Struggling With?:</b>
<b>Time You Need To Finish?:</b>

You have until May 1st to finish your entries. We will put up your assigned posting dates on May 3rd. Posting Begins May 5th. If you have any concerns message a mod or send us an email at avengersbigbang@live.com.

Good luck everyone! We're looking forward to your submissions.