March 20th, 2012


rough draft submission

It's finally time to submit your rough drafts! You have until 11:59 PST on March 21st, to submit your draft. Follow the instructions bellow when submitting.

We'd like to see everyone submit a draft with a minimum of 10,000 words. If you have less than this word count and you sincerely believe that you can still finish your fic in a satisfactory manner before May 1st then you can submit what you have written, as well as any outlines that accompany your work. If you talked to a mod previously about your circumstances, do the same. If you are not sure of your ability to finish, please tell us. It's unkind to the artist who claims your story if you are unable to finish in time.

Submissions go like this:
  • You'll be sending your fic to
  • Your subject line should include the words "Rough Draft" as well as the username you signed up with.
Please fill out this form (and keep the coding) as the body of your email

<b>Word Count:</b>
<b>Completed Percentage:</b>
<b>Warnings:</b>(non con, mpreg, etc)
<b>Summary:</b>(no more than three paragraphs)

Add your fic as an attachment to the email. It should be submitted as a .doc file, although .docx, .rtf. and googledocs are also acceptable. If you are submitting a googledoc make sure it is publicly viewable.

It is vital that you include a concise summary of your fic for the claiming process. If your fic has triggering themes it is important to include a warning so that everyone is aware of what they are getting into. If, at this time, you feel you are unable to complete your fic on schedule, email a mod to say you're dropping out.

When we receive your email we will send you a confirmation. We'll be back on the 22cd to determine what time claims will go up. If you have any questions leave them here.