January 6th, 2012

  • athriax

author checkpoint #1

Welcome to our first checkpoint! I hope everyone's having a good time of it so far, because this is when you should really be settling into your story. If you haven't started yet, this is the time!

Checkpoints will go like this: You comment with answers to the form bellow, we enter your name and word count into our spread sheet. Both the third author's checkpoint and the second artist's checkpoint will be mandatory. 

If you are writing two stories please fill out two forms.

Word Count:
Things You Feel Are Going Well:
Things You Feel You Need to Work At:
Other Concerns:
(you can rant a little, work though any issues you might be having.)

<b>Word Count:</b>
<b>Things You Feel Are Going Well:</b>
<b>Things You Feel You Need to Work At:</b>
<b>Other Concerns:</b>

Once again, this checkpoint is not mandatory. This is just a general assessment of where everyone is and any problems they might be having. If you have yet to start, or you see someone with a word count bigger than yours, don't get discouraged.

Everyone is different and has a different writing process and speed, not to mention some people started their stories months ago! Don't forget the main objective of this challenge is to have fun!