October 23rd, 2011

  • athriax



What is a big bang challenge?
Big bang challenges are collaborative efforts between artists and authors.  Authors sign up to write a story with in a certain predetermined time frame and artists sign up to create art for the works they produce. 

How can I participate?
There will be separate posts for both artists and authors on the day sign ups commence. A template will be provided which will then be used to comment with sign up information. 

What Avengers reality does this encompass? 
All of them. Stories can be written for any Marvel universe as long as the main focus is the Avengers. This includes Marvel 616, Marvel Ultimates, Marvel Movie!Verse etc. etc. Young Avengers may be included in larger stories, but we ask that if you wish to write a Young Avengerscentric story you do so here: [info]yabigbang

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  • athriax


  • October 25-November 15: Prompt post is open
  • Saturday, November 5: Sign Ups open
  • Saturday, January 1: Author Sign Ups & Prompt Post close
  • Friday, January 6: Author Check Ins #1 (Optional)
  • Saturday, February 11: Author Check Ins #2 (Optional)
  • Saturday, February 18: Artist Sign Ups close
  • Sunday, March 4: Author Check Ins #3 (Mandatory)
  • Tuesday, March 20: Rough Drafts and Summaries due
  • Friday, March 23: Claims post goes up
  • Friday, April 13: Artist Check In (Mandatory)
  • Tuesday, May 1: Final drafts and art due
  • May 5: Posting begins