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Fic: Golden Heart, Silver Tongue

Title: Golden Heart, Silver Tongue
Author: emisolde
Artist: realproof
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 27,856
Type: Victorian AU, (Slash) Romance
Characters/Pairings: (past) Loki/Tony, Loki/Thor, Clint/Natasha, Steve/Peggy
Warnings: None, although there are (very brief) mentions of Tony's tendency to drink, if that is likely to bother you.
Summary: The marriage between Loki Laufeyson and Anthony Stark, two gentlemen as eccentric as they are wealthy, was once the talk of both Asgard and Jotunheim. But ever since a disastrous visit to Muspelheim, Tony hasn't been the same, so Loki finally takes his daughter and runs to Midgard, hoping to spur Tony into action. Natasha Banner fled her traitorous husband-to-be before she could take the Romanoff name, but false accusations brought her to settle in Midgard under an assumed identity. Thor Odinson has lived in Midgard almost all his life, and recently inherited his father's mill, but his principles are getting in the way of his business sense and it is very nearly bankrupt.
If this wasn't a Victorian romance, this could probably only end in disaster - but as it is, a multitude of other characters and SHIELD Legal Services combine to result in a universally happy ending!
Notes: Thank you so much to JJ for such an excellent beta job, and to everyone who offered encouragement and assistance along the way!

Link to fic masterpost: on AO3
Link to art masterpost: on LJ
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