emisolde (emisolde) wrote in avengers_bang,

Fic: Caught in the Middle

Title: Caught in the Middle
Author: emisolde
Artist: mmartianchild
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 20,182
Type: Bromance, (Slash) Romance
Characters/Pairings: Thor & Steve friendship; Loki & Steve friendship; Thor/Loki; all movie!verse Avengers appear
Warnings: No standard warnings apply, unless you feel Thor/Loki is semi-incest.
Summary: The first morning Loki shows up at the Avengers Mansion, wandering into the kitchen where Steve is sat at the table, it doesn't really occur to Steve to find it strange. Not even when Loki calls him 'darling' and bends down to brush his lips against Steve's cheek as he passes.
Well, all right, maybe he does find that a little weird.
But not as weird as the fact that Loki's spent the past six months kidnapping him for no reason other than he's friends with Thor.
Notes: Thank you so much to Ali for her wonderful beta job, and to Piglet and Tin for their enthusiasm and encouragement along the way!

Link to fic masterpost: on AO3
Link to art masterpost: on LJ
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